IC Analog Mask Layout

At Circuit Devs, Inc. we collectively spent decades supporting organizations with their analog layout needs.

We realized that the current way of doing analog layout is manual, time consuming, error prone, and outdated.

We decided to apply cutting edge computer science algorithms to automate IC Mask Layout.

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Our cloud based analog place and route solution allows you to easily upload your design in an industry standard netlist format.

Our AI based algorithms analyze the netlist, identify analog circuit structures, and branches requiring matching.

Differential pairs, current mirrors and matching resistors are identified. Matching strategies are then employed to array devices using common centroid, cross coupled or snaked inter-digitated strategies.

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IC Patterns revolutionizes the Analog Layout Services sector.

Our proprietary artificial intelligence is able to complete the work of a layout technician without error and in record time.

As a cloud solution, we offer easy ramp up and quick turn around with fair and transparent pricing.

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